Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fab Find: Personalized Baby Journals from Minted

To be honest, I haven't written a whole lot in Pooka's beautiful Binth Baby Book. It only lasts up to age three, which she turned last month, so I guess it's obsolete now anyways. As for the Little Man, he hasn't even got a baby book, just a series of jotted down milestones spread between our wall calendar and my "notes" on my iPhone. Whenever I feel bad about not making a better effort to document my kids lives, my husband always points out that we have thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of the kids thanks to living in this modern, digital, smart phone age. So in some sense my kids will have a digital archive that would certainly rival the most diligently filled in baby book. But I still have a fear and mistrust of relying solely on computers and smart phones to be the repository of my children's many amazing milestones and life events. Perhaps it's because we have had two desktops and at least one laptop crash on us, swallowing up all of our data into a digital black hole (thanks to things like iCloud this should be less of an issue in the future, but still...).

But I may have found the perfect solution with these adorable personalized (and inexpensive) journals from Minted. We love Minted and have used it in the past for Little Man's birth announcements and other invitations and know they have excellent customer service and quality products. These journals seem to be no exception. With cute personalized designs and photos on the cover and 40 lined, graph, or blank pages inside you can use these journals any way you choose to keep those special moments around for posterity. I'm leaning towards the Hello, Stripes Journal for the Little Man and perhaps the Fleur de Noel Journal for Pooka. These would also be unique baby gifts to give to friends, especially your friends that have everything. My recommendation would be to not personalize the journal to say "Baby's First Year" because odds are most parents can't fill 40 pages in the first year, and so many exciting things happen in the following years that you wouldn't want to limit the journals use (for instance most babies start walking between 9-14 months so a first year journal might skip one of the most exciting milestones there is).

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