Friday, April 16, 2010

Fab Find: Shinzi Katoh Bento Boxes

Okay, so I just realized I was majorly scooped on these Shinzi Katoh Bento Boxes when I googled them and found they were one of Cool Mom Picks Picks of the Year for 2009. But then I realized there are probably lots of moms who haven't seen them yet so they were worth sharing again. Plus Shinzi Katoh makes tons of cute things besides bento boxes that you might want to check out too. I first spotted him at Flora and Henri on the UES. They carry his adorable kid sized aluminum drinking bottles. When I got home I checked him out online and discovered his sweetly illustrated bento boxes. But then, lo and behold, I spotted more Shinzi Katoh in the form of darling zipper tote bags at one of my favorite haunts, Olive and Bette's (fab clothing boutique chain for stylish mamas in NYC). Turns out Shinzi Katoh is taking NYC by storm right now, and with good reason. Embracing a Japanese philosophy known as Zakka, Katoh's designs are meant to spruce up the common things in everyday life. Using his skills as a children's book illustrator and artist Katoh has certainly done just that. The boxes come in single or double decker, or with a domed lid referred to as Onigiri, or Rice Ball Box. They are perfectly sized for stashing some snacks or a small lunch for your wee one in your diaper bag. And when they start school you can pack these reusable containers in their lunch box. I'm a big fan of the fairy tale characters, and love the Alice in Wonderland and Snow White bentos. Or how about the apple and pear on the Red and Blue or the Lazzy Farm bento boxes. There are several online shops where you can find Katoh's bentos and other cute patootie objects like lunch bags and children's cutlery. My favorites are Queen Baby Bean, Ollie Bollen, and
Little Bean Shop.

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