Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fab Find: Bical Grippers

Pooka has just started crawling in this weird crab style. It kind of defies description but she certainly gets from point A to point B. On top of that, she has started to pull herself up on anything he can reach. And not everything she pulls herself up on is stable. Combine that with our hardwood floors and it's a recipe for many bumps and brusies. To the rescue come the Bical Grippers, fantastic shoe socks with rubber soles. Made in Brazil, Grippers were originally designed to be worn as water shoes for kids to wear at the pool or beach, but they are perfect for babies who are learning to crawl, walk, and wipe out. But what makes these shoes even better are the crazy cute designs. Think Trumpette meets Crocs! Don't get me wrong, we love our Nowali Moccasins too, but their leather soles don't offer the type of traction my little wiggle worm needs these days. We got out Bicals at a great little children's boutique on the upper east side called Lemonade, but they are available online at numerous sites.

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