Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Chariot: A perfect Father's Day gift for active Dadas

Ok, to be fair I see lots of dads these days unabashedly toting their tot in an Ergo or a Baby Bjorn, and even the occasional sling (like my hubby). But let's be honest, most things baby are not terribly manly. Enter the Chariot! The Chariot is the Swiss Army Knife of strollers. With simple kits you can quickly change the Chariot from a regular stroller, to a jogging stroller, bike trailer, or ski trailer, and even harness it to yourself for hiking. Available in both single and double with three different levels of performance, the Cheetah, Cougar, and the CX (for serious athletes), Dada's most difficult decision will be "what activity should we do today?" Many weekends my husband will take Pooka for a morning run and then an afternoon bike ride. And in the winter he hooks up the skis and harnesses the Chariot around his waist for a cross country ski or snowshoe adventure (that's him with Pooka in the pic below).

We have a Cougar Double because we are planning on popping future siblings next to Pooka in the Chariot, but unlike many systems the harness can be shifted to the center to keep the Chariot balanced when she is in there alone. Plus, the system is a pretty big investment so we wanted to make sure that we'll get plenty of years out of it. Luckily for us my husband found a 2007 Chariot on Craigs List so we were able to pick ours up for cheap. The previous Dada had barely used it and it was in pristine condition. It came with the bike trailer kit and we have added the jogging kit and ski kit. It's hard for us to imagine that this sweet rig was barely used because ours is used several times a weekend, but this should also serve as a warning that the Chariot is not a good gift for the faint of heat-rate. And lest I be sexist, the Chariot is great for athletic Mama's too. It's very light and I use it for serious walks, and even tried it on the cross country tracks this winter even though I no longer consider myself in the athletic mama category)! So if your husband's idea of a fun filled day involves a triathlon than the Chariot may just be the perfect gift for him this Father's Day!

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  1. This look slike a great piece of kit - not too sure I would want my little ones out skiing with their Dad though!