Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fab Find: Anya Hindmarch Canvas Tote

As you may already know from my previous posts, I am a huge Anya Hindmarch fan! I recently visited the store on the UES in search of one of her marvelous Canvas Totes. They are roomy canvas totes with buttery leather straps perfect for the farm market, the beach, or general trips about town. I have fancied them for a while but spent the last year and a half so wrapped up in diaper bags I couldn't embrace their full appeal. But this summer things are different. Toting Pooka around no longer means having an overflowing diaper bag filled with a blanket, a change of clothes, multiple diapers, a nursing cover, pacifiers, get the idea. These days we travel a lot lighter: a Joya Baby Diaper Clutch, a Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag filled with the summer essentials (sunscreen, hat, baby legs, wipes), snacks, and mama's wallet and phone. For errands we pair down to just the wallet, phone, and wipes. So now the Canvas Tote makes perfect sense for a morning Starbucks trip and a quick jaunt to the swings, but it's still roomy enough for a whole day adventure or a trip to the sprinklers at AMNH. And to put the icing on the cake, Anya Hindmarch now does a tote with moms in mind with the adorable navy blue and turquoise Toys Tote. If you're looking for something more grown up check out the Boat Bag Tote, Beach Bag Tote, Picnic Tote, Gym Tote or others. These totes are a great price at $98 so ditch the diapy as we head into summer!

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  1. This was definitely the year that I ditched the diaper bag. I was, I have to admit, a little reluctant. I just felt that I had a baby, and I needed to carry a diaper bag. Once I received a tote from mys sister as a gift, I was hooked. I have 3 now, but wish I would have saw that one for $98 before I spent my $150!

    Great blog.