Monday, November 23, 2009

Pooka's Chirstmas List # 3: Bla Bla Boogaloos

As an avid knitter I know that knitting stuffed animals and dolls can be a big pain in the butt, so I can appreciate when others do the work for me. Such is the case with the marvelous Boogaloo dolls by Bla Bla. Inspired by a French cartoon with blob like charaters, Boogaloos have a pear-like shape on the bottom and different crazy characters on top. It's hard to pick a favorite because there are too many cute ones, but if I had to make a list I would highlight Yoko with her pink hair and striped shirt and Johnny with his blue mohawk. Feeling nautical? Grab a Marlin Booglaoo. Love Sherlock Holmes? Then check out the Watson doll. Celebrate the advent of the snowy season with an Anouk doll. Or play cowboys and indians with Shane and Kaya dolls. They come in two sizes, the regular Boogaloos are 10" and the Minis are 6", perfect for the littlest elfs in your houses. They also do wonderful line of classic dolls that you can purchase with a permanent knit-on outfit or that you can add clothes to, and animal dolls (think extra-hip sock monkey). Like the Boogaloos, these dolls come in small (12") and large (18-22") sizes. Some of my favorites include Prudence and Wink Owl, Gigi the Giraffe, Squirrel "McNuttie" and the Billy Goat Doll.

Don't miss the other great Bla Bla items while shopping their site. Check out their rattles, finger puppets, and mobiles for which they are well known. They also do fun knit clothing, blankets and accessories. Keep your wee one warm with an animal hat and bootie set like the Monkey Hat and Booties. Whatever items you choose will give you that snuggly hand-knit feeling without having to spend hours (or days, or weeks, or months) making these items yourself!

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