Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pooka's Christmas List # 2: Baby Xylophone

For Christmas I am very excited to get Pooka started on a musical journey. Aside from playing the clarinet in middle school (poorly I might add) I am not musically inclined and neither is my husband. I would like Pooka to have a solid basis in the world of music and have been searching for the perfect musical toys to start her off right. They will also be a nice accompaniment to the music class we plan on starting after the holidays, giving her the chance to do her first homework (and by that I mean bang and shake things at home just like she will in class). I have seen lots of xylophone's out there but most are geared for the toddler set. I imagine this is because they are usually metal and could have sharp edges. Then I found this cutie on Giggle that is all rounded and safe for babies as young as 12 months. Baby still too young for this xylophone? How about the amazing Mini Orchestra set or Mini Rainboshaker for 6 months and up. Better yet, these musical toys are phthalate-free, BPA-free, and lead-free plastic so its perfectly safe if Pooka wants to suck on them more than she wants to play them right now. All of these are currently available at Giggle, so get them now before they sell out!

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