Monday, November 9, 2009

Pooka's Christmas List # 1: Olive Juice Kids Clothing

I've decided to create a new "seasonal" category highlighting the items Pooka would like for Christmas. Well, let's be honest. Pooka is 6 months old and can't make a Christmas list for herself, so it's really the things mama wants for Pooka for Christmas. Her list already has quite a few items on it which I will share with you over the coming weeks. First up on the list is clothing from Olive Juice Kids. I love them because their clothing is very classic, but also has an Anthropolgie vibe about it, particularly for older kids. First up on Pooka's list are the timeless Andrea Coveralls in Ruby, although I love the Champagne Polka Dot as well. The ruffles on the butt are just too cute and these are sure to be handed down to future kiddos or even generations! I'm also sweet on the Regent Coveralls in Rose cotton velveteen, which are also offered in a unisex corduroy. Both of these coveralls would look great with the Bailey Top or Piper Bodysuit underneath. Rounding out Pooka's list from Olive Juice Kids is the Duffy Topper, which we love in every color. Try it in champagne and silver for a unisex look. If you've got older children be sure to check out the new Holiday collection too. I can't wait until Pooka can wear styles like the Eloise Holiday Dress, Beatrice Dress, and Camilla Dress!

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