Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get Unplugged on A Rug at the Great Green Playdate!

Unplugged on a Rug is the brain child of two moms and former teachers Natalie Cronin Reyes and Ofrit Shirian Peres. Natalie is the National Childhood Development Director for Kidville, and Ofrit's has a music background and is the founder of the Rug Bug music program currently running in Brooklyn. Once a month these two ladies host a fantastic event called the Great, Green Playdate. I'm sure you can all remember how much fun it was to play with a big empty box, well the Great, Green Playdate embraces this idea and takes it a step further. The event, designed for kids from birth to age 4, focuses on creative ways to play and entertain your child by recycling things found in your own home and encouraging imaginative play. The playdate also incorporates music, games, and our favorite part, the call and repeat drum circle using empty boxes. The event we attended in December even had a violinist walking among the children as they played with pillows, scarves, water bottles filled with beads, feathers, or glitter, and the amazingly simple boBle tumbling toys (read more about our love of bObles here). With the motto "Changing the world through play," you will never look at an old scarf or an empty canister of oatmeal the same way again! It's definitely an event you won't want to miss! And did I mention that 50% of all the proceeds go to children's charities? The donations are currently going to support the Max Cure Foundation and their work researching rare pediatric cancers. The next Great, Green Playdate is Friday, February 19th at Kidville in Tribeca. Watch this video to get a better idea of what goes on at the Great, Green Playdate! All are welcome, and you can register for the playdate here.

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