Friday, February 19, 2010

Luxe Life: Kate Spade Bon Mot X-Ray Coal Baby Bag

Kate Spade holds a special place in my heart. I got my first bag in college and it opened my eyes to the world of designer handbags. Her bags were just making a splash back then, and I felt so swank when I carried my brown nylon tote around town. In fact, I still own that bag and it makes a guest appearance now and again. The Bon Mot X-Ray Baby Bag in Coal embodies Kate's signature style with it's whimsical illustrations of the likely contents of your diaper bag. I love the strong navy and orange colors, and it will look great next to your towel by the pool in St. Barth's or on the sand in Nantucket this summer. The bag has plenty of pockets for storing all your baby gear and although it is canvas on the outside it has a waterproof interior to deal with the inevitable spills that come along with mommyhood! Pair it with this marvelous Mysie Top by Calypso (in KNCKERS) and you will look fresh and ready to take on anything your baby throws at you (with Pooka it's usually peas!).

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