Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Boon Obsession!

Last week I spoke at the Big City Moms Expectant Moms Dinner on the best items for your baby registry. You can see the five products I recommended last night in this previous post. While at the dinner I had the opportunity to speak some great folks from Boon Inc. and share with them how much I loved their products. Then I realized I should probably share with you, my devoted fan base, the many Boon products we love and why we love them. I should specify that I have never received any free products from Boon, so my love is totally unadulterated.

Ok, where to start? I realized as the Boon folks presented their products that I actually owned the majority of them. I guess I'll start with my first crush item, the Benders Adaptable Utensils. We had a few different spoons when Pooka started eating solids, but found these to be the best. The spoon isn't too big for her mouth, and it's just the right depth to get her a good mouthful without a ton of food squishing back out. As your baby grows they will be able to feed themselves with these utensils because they are the perfect size, and the heads can be bent to help your uncoordinated wee one get the head of the fork or spoon into their mouth (Pooka is working on that). Since we are on the topic of feeding, we are also completely enamored with the Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon. If I had a nickel for every mom who said, "I wish they had that when my kids were young" Pooka's preschool tuition would be covered. The spoon has a reservoir that holds up to 3 oz. of baby food that you can squeeze directly into the spoon. We use it in the car and out and about. Need something to serve your food in? We have the Saucer Stay-Put Divided Plate. We are using it now for finger foods, but will use it for all types of food when Pooka gets more coordinated with her spoon. Wee ones have a difficult time picking the plate up thanks to the rubber ring along the bottom. It should keep the UFO's to a minimum. And don't forget about snacks. We love the Snack Ball because unlike a snack trap, Pooka can only get into this one when I open it for her. It's round shape makes it easy to toss in your bag and find it again, and doubles as a fun ball for Pooka to roll around and play with when we are out and about. Finally, dry your Boon products on the high style design of the Grass Countertop Drying Rack. It's so cute we leave it on our counter all the time (and to be honest there is always something drying on it), and sometimes you can even spy some grownup items drying on the grass.

Boon's products also populate the bath. They are most famous for their first product, the Frog Pod and its newer sister the Bug Pod. They are one of the few products we don't have (we have gorgeous new carrara marble tiles in the bath and I couldn't bare to hang anything on them!) but hear nothing but great reviews. We do, however, have Bob the Odd Duck and the Splat Floating Ring Toss. We love Bob because he doesn't have any holes to fill up with water and leak out later after bath time is over (Pooka loves to bring her bath toys into the living area). She is also infatuated with the rings from the Splat and carries them all over the apartment, and because all Boon products are BPA, phalate, and PVC free I have no problem letting her chew on them to her heart's content.

So needless to say we own quite a few Boon products already, but there are still some on the list we would love to have. I'm dying for a Stash Multi-Room Organizer to keep bottles, snack balls, etc in so they don't clutter up the kitchen counter. Your child will clearly have the coolest sippy in play group with the intriguing design of the Fluid Toddler Cup. And eventually we'll have to invest in the Potty Bench!

Whichever Boon products you choose they will likely became as indispensable as they have for us! And did I mention that 10% of all profits are donated to children's charities like Helping Orphans Worldwide and the Child Crisis Center!

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