Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't stick that there! The Mobi (non-rectal) Digital Thermometer

In most relationships the mother is the big worrier, constantly wondering if her baby is healthy and happy. She bolts out of bed during the night when she hears a strange cry or worries that her baby hasn't met some developmental milestone in an appropriate time frame. In our family that role is reversed. My husband is the big worrier, and in the first few months of Pooka's life he was obsessed with taking her temperature. I'm sure this fear was heightened by our beloved pediatrician telling us that a fever over 100.4 in the first 8 weeks would result in our daughter being hospitalized and given a spinal tap to check for meningitis (eek!). Whatever the cause for his overcautiousness, the thermometer became a staple in our life. For a while we used a Vicks Rectal Baby Thermometer. It is specifically designed for being stuck you know where, with a very short end so you can't accidentally put the thermometer in too far. But eventually it stopped working after getting wet from it's many post-temp taking washes. For a short time we used a regular old digital thermometer until, horrors of horrors, I put it in too far and had visions of a perforated intestine (double eek!). The next day I trekked over to Giggle on the UES, the denizen of all baby things cool, and found the Mobi Digital Thermometer. Life suddenly seemed brighter! No more discomfort for me or Pooka, and Dada can take her temperature anytime of the day or night (and he has!) without disturbing our wee one. We simply hold the thermometer to Pooka's forehead or temple to get a quick reading. And even cooler, the Mobi talks to us! That's right folks, a lovely sounding British woman says " Your body temperature is 98.6 degrees Farenheit." You can turn that feature off for night time temp checks so it doesn't wake baby. The thermometer also has some nice added features like displaying the room temperature and date. The Mobi has definitely given us some piece of mind, and greatly reduced Pooka's subjection to regular anal probing. So far we haven't had a major fever to record on the Mobi, but we have successfully checked it against the old fashioned style to test its accurateness. If Pooka were ever to read a fever on her Mobi, I would likely follow up with a rectal reading from regular thermometer as well, but the key to the Mobi is that my husband can check her fever anytime he feels like it without ever taking off her diaper!

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