Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some bunny loves you: Pooka's 1st Easter Basket

Wow, this really is a year of firsts, and sadly Easter will be the last of our "first" holidays. So I'm aiming to make this a good one! I've come across lots of darling little baskets and stuffers and thought I should share some of them with you. Last week, our friends at Parentville sent out an email highlighting some of the Easter items I had recommended on their site. Parentville is a member driven site where parents can make requests or give recommendations to other parents about products, classes, services, and more. We use it all the time, and Life With Pooka has a whole second life there with a ton more recommendations. Check the blue box on the lower right hand side of this site to to read my latest recs at Parentville.

First off, the baskets. Pottery Barn Kids has some great wicker baskets in white or chestnut with personalized liners. These baskets will last for years to come and you'll never confuse who's basket is who's. They also have stuffed Puffy Easter Baskets in bunny or chick. They're just like their soft Halloween baskets and can also be personalized. You can also grab some basket stuffers while your at PBKids. I'm a fan of the Nursery Critter Stacker, particularly the jumbo stacker that's over a foot tall. It features a plush hippo, bunny, and frog. Another great option is the Klean Kanteen Water Bottle that has awesome designs and you can have it personalized. And if your little one isn't ready for a water bottle yet you can pick up a sippy cup adapter from Klean Kanteen.

I also found some cute fabric baskets on Etsy. I like the fabric Easter Buckets from Henry and Zoe. Have a look at the My Little Teatime Bucket if you like a traditional pattern. While you're there you can pick up an Artist's Tote Set for your children. Twenty Little Toes has some great fabric baskets that you can use all year round in the nursery after Easter is done. Check out the Blue Cupcake Basket. Rellaroo has similar fabric baskets, like their Sock Monkey Basket. But I think Lunatic Design's features my favorite with their charming Bunny Fabric Baskets.

How about a stuffed bunny for your basket? One of my favorites is the Bunglie Bunny from Jelly Cat. How can you deny those dusty pink ears? If you're looking for an organic stuffed bunny try the soft white bunny from Foundlings. Mi Yim also has great organic stuffed bunnies: the Victoria Plush Bunny, Baby Victoria Plush Bunny with cute white pinafore, or Baby Victoria Knit Bunny. Or skip the whole bunny theme and go with chicks like Mi Yim's Plush Chicken Rattles or Jingle Chicken with Finger Puppets exclusively at Giggle. If your little one is too tiny for a stuffed bunny than try a bunny dou dou like Under the Nile's organic Bunny Blanket Friend (try Giggle for a striped version and don't forget a teething carrot for your little bunny!). Pooka has been sleeping with hers since she was born. Kathe Kruse also has a cute dou dou called the Mimi Activity Towel with whimsical pink flower print.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary for Easter, perhaps you would be interested in the eco-friendly Wonderworld Hopping Bunny Walker made of sustainable rubber wood and featuring non-toxic water-based paints (see my full review at Parentville). We ordered ours through Diapers.com and had it overnight. Pooka loves pushing it all over the place while giggling her head off!

Finally, if you are looking for a real keepsake for your wee one or a favorite mom-to-be then try Tiffany's ceramic Bunny Bank. Or really splurge and go for the silver Bunny Bank! These are gifts that will last a lifetime and be passed down to future generations. Hope this list of ideas is helpful as you put together your basket for your bunny love. For more Easter gift ideas and reviews check my recommendations at Parentville.

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  1. I am slightly obsessed with water bottles/klean kanteens for the girls! I spent more then I should have on some Camelbak kids cups and although they are cute, they leak. Sucks. We love the klean kanteens, especially from PBKids with their designs but the Nalgene sippy cups are awesome too, the girls each have one in their bed/crib and they don't ever leak! Have a great 1st easter!