Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick change: Diapering on the go

Vacation is in full swing (and here I am writing a post) and we find ourselves running to and fro. What better time to review diaper clutches? There are many options, from the utilitarian to the chic and everything in between. Diaper clutches serve a couple of purposes in our routine. First, I like to be able to grab a small, self contained diaper changing system to take to the bathroom when we are at a restaurant rather than lug the whole diaper bag. They are also convenient for leaving in the car or at grandma's house so you are never caught without diapers and the proper equipment. Finally, I love to grab them when we are going out for a quick dash in the sling or front carrier, like when we run to the cafe to grab some fruit salad and a muffin in the morning.

Our newest favorite is the Patemm diaper changing pad. It is an oversized circle that folds up onto itself with a carrying handle. It also has a number of pockets around the outer edge to hold diapers, wipes, cream, and disposable (biodegradable!) diaper trash bags. On vacation I am using the Patemm pad as a changing station set up on the dining room table at our rental house. But I love the Patemm so much that I am usually packing it up in the diaper bag to replace the small pad that it came with. The ultimate seal of approval came when my husband told me how much he even liked the Patemm pad. I am also a big fan of the Joya Baby Diaper Clutch. It is shaped like a traditional clutch with fun resort-like fabrics to choose from, and it even has a wristlet. Most people wouldn't assume its actual purpose. It contains a pocket for diapers, a pocket for wipes and cream, and a small changing pad. I often throw it in the diaper bag, but most of the time I leave it on the base of the stroller so I always have quick and easy access when we're out on the town. Their bgreen line is also eco-friendly and PVC free. For an elegant choice, there is the Petunia Picklebottom Cross Town Clutch. It looks most like an actual clutch, with gorgeous prints, a cute clasp, and it also has a wristlet. It is a bit larger than the Joya Baby, but could definitely be used for special events like dinner out with baby or a wedding. Finally, for a more basic or dad friendly diaper clutch try the Skip Hop Pronto. It is compact, comes with its own wipe holder, and the changing pad is built right in. The changing pad is a bit small, but this is a good choice for leaving in the car or running errands. Whichever diaper clutch you choose, they are perfect options for when you don't want to lug the entire kitchen sink (aka the diaper bag)!

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