Monday, August 10, 2009

Who's that girl?

Who is Pooka? Pooka is the nickname for our 3 1/2 month old daughter, the single most amazing thing life has ever offered me. Well actually, her full nickname is Pooka Rooka, and I have no clear idea where it came from. It developed in the early weeks when we were still quite sleep deprived, and despite trying out dozens of endearments during that time, Pooka seems to have stuck.

Why create this blog? It is not to share humorous stories of baby or navigating Manhattan Mommyhood, although I'm sure these things will figure in at times. It's main purpose will be to share whatever interesting gear, gadgets, classes, etc. that Pooka and I use or come across. Nine times out of ten a conversation with another new mommy ends with "I'll send you the link to that." Equally as common, people will stop me in the street to ask about our stroller (the Orbit) or our baby carrier (somehow I've ended up with 5 different ones). So in an effort to condense and share my knowledge of products and how they have worked (or not worked) I've decided to put it all down here. I hope you will read and enjoy as I add reviews and information about the things that make life with Pooka easier/better/more fun!

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