Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baby it's cold outside! Organic Blankets for fall

About a week ago we woke up one morning to find that the humidity had disappeared and been replaced with clear, cool, crisp, fall weather. While I am grateful for an end to the drippy heat, Pooka and I are not ready for fall. It was still August and we have a closetful of adorable bubbles and sun-dresses for her to wear. I suppose we can keep our fingers crossed for a nice, long indian summer sometime this fall. Now don't get me wrong, I totally love fall and all its trappings (wood smoke, falling leaves, fresh apple cider, pumpkin pie, etc.), but this fall will be different from any other because I have to dress Pooka and keep her warm. I already miss the carefree days of throwing her in a onesie and heading to the park! To ease the pain, I am jumping headlong into cozy organic blankets.

By far my favorite organic blanket is made by Robbie Adrian. It comes in luscious organic fleece or cotton velour, and is trimmed in the softest silk edging. I long for the Fleece Organic Baby Blanket with Silk Ruffle in raspberry polka dots (think portrait session with naked newborn snuggled inside). The blankets are stocked at ABC Home in Union Square (but only in the natural color), and I visit them whenever I'm there. I'm putting one of these blankets on Pooka's Christmas list! They are more on the splurge side, but Robbie Adrian has taken the recent economic downturn into mind and are offering a new version of their blanket called the Little Less Silk with a narrower silk ruffle at a reduced price. Or go for the economical Lovey size ($26 for a 10 x 12 inch) so your little one can have a snuggly nap blanket.

Another much cherished organic blanket of ours came with the Take-Me-Home Set from Little Merry Fellows that we received as a shower gift. The hat is so cuddly and warm, and was one of the only ones small enough to fit Pooka in those first few weeks. The waffle blanket was also a great size for swaddling in those early days and we didn't worry about her overheating or getting cold. We also have their organic Moses Basket and Rocker, which is lined with ridiculously soft organic flannel. Pooka just grew out of it a few weeks ago, and I was sad she would no longer be enveloped in its deliciousness (and that she had graduated to her crib in the nursery, instead of being at the foot of our bed!). Little Merry Fellows also makes wonderful organic terry velour Poetry Blankets with quotes from J.M. Barrie, Kate Douglass Wiggin, William Blake or Rudyard Kipling. The J.M. Barrie quote is my favorite, "When the first baby laughed for the first time, his laugh broke into a million pieces and they went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies." The Poetry Blanket would definitely be a unique shower gift.

Pooka and I are also big fans of Amenity Organics. They have just launched a new line of organic baby basics that include receiving blankets, burp clothes, towels and wash clothes. I can't wait to get my hands on some. We have the crib blanket and stretched canvas wall print in the Meadow print for our nursery in the apartment (actually, we live in a studio so her nursery is our bedroom and living room too!). We love the nature inspired prints that work for girls or boys and are wonderfully sweet and modern. They also have the added bonus of being manufactured in LA, which means you don't have to be concerned about sweatshops or child labor!

My perennial favorite, Aden and Anais, recently released their Muslin Swaddle Wraps in organic cotton. I love the Organic Enchanged Muslin Single Wrap and Organic Drangonfly Single Wrap. While they are priced similarly to the Little Merry Fellows and Amenity receiving blankets ($34 for one blanket), they are significantly more expensive than the non-organic version ($44 for four blankets). As always, being eco-chic ain't cheap!

Whichever blanket you choose, they are all great choices for your little one or as a shower gift. And to be honest, if you are like our household and do laundry only once a week (we don't have a washer and dryer in our apartment) you don't have to choose. You'll need several blankets, so you can get one of each!

Photo of Pooka in Take-Me-Home Set taken by photographer Hannah Hardaway


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