Friday, October 9, 2009

Fab Find: baby JaR Burp Cloths

Shortly after Pooka was born I purchased a set of baby JaR burp clothes at ZBaby Company. I love the fresh, colorful patterns! I appreciate how thick and absorbent they are and that the burpies themselves are colored, not just the accent fabric. I quickly found myself waiting for them to come out of the wash so I could put them back in the diaper bag. And speaking of the wash, my cloths have been washed weekly for the past few months and they still look fantastic. They may not be the cheapest burp clothes but thanks to their quality they are more than worth it and can handle a whole days worth of spit up (unlike some of the thinner ones out there).

A mommy friend of mine also loves her baby JaR burpies, but I was very jealous because hers are monogrammed with her daughters name. Recognizing my lust for these lovely monogrammed burpies, she thoughtfully ordered some for us (thanks lady!). That means we now have four of these burpies and can use them most of the week! baby JaR also makes matching bibs, blankets and clothing, although monogramming is only available on the burpies. Have a look at the Long Sleeve Anchor Tatoo outfit while you're there too!

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