Friday, October 23, 2009

Luxe Life: Baby CZ by Carolina Zapf

Madison Avenue certainly has its share of high end retail for babies, but head into Baby CZ by Carolina Zapf and you will not be disappointed. The first thing you will notice is the abundance of soft luscious cashmere for your dear one (and the accompanying price tags). Cashmere is Zapf's specialty and she does it well. She's known for her Ruffle Cardigan, but I'm a fan of the Tipped Reversible Hooded Sailor Cardigan. Pair the sweaters with a Chunky Cable Pom-Pom Hat or the delicious Cashmere Flower Hat. Cashmere is not all Zapf does well though. Her dresses are downright charming, particularly the Chloe Dress and Audrey Dress (love it in purple check). And make sure not to miss the Velvet Quilted Jacket with Hood. I realize this review has leaned heavily on the girlie side, but don't worry, their is plenty on offer for the boys too. So next time your on Madison Avenue or in need of that perfect dress for a portrait session or the holidays head to Baby CZ and bring a credit card with a low balance!

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