Monday, October 19, 2009

Fab Find: Feather Baby Organic Baby Clothes

Last week while visiting a friend in the West Village I found the most adorable outfit for Pooka made by Feather Baby. I hadn't seen their line before, but it was love at first sight. I purchased a soft faux-layered onesie/pant combo in grey with gorgeous purple flowers (I can't find a photo on the site to share!). We got lots of compliments on Pooka's stylish outfit when she debuted it yesterday. What I love even more is the obvious effort and care that goes into producing Feather Baby products. Founder Sude Peta, once a Sony music exec and NYC boutique owner, and her husband relocated to Lima, Peru with their triplets in order to better control the manufacturing process. These controls include using color-grown 100% organic Pima cotton, no-bleaching, and simple vegetable dyes for the Feather Forever collection. For silkscreened collections all inks are devoid of pvc and phalates and no solvents are used in the process. And to top it all off, this fab company supports fair trade practices meaning each farmer and worker is guaranteed good working conditions and a fair wage. Now, if only they were a little bit easier to find! We got ours at YoYa at 636 Hudson St.

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