Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tis' the Season: Snowsuits & buntings for every style

Today it poured and the temperature dropped below 40 degrees during the day for the first time this fall. It was one of those days that you order takeout for lunch and contemplate staying inside all day. And yet Pooka and I couldn't bear to miss out on our play date downtown. The question was how to get there. Drive ourselves (then search for overpriced parking), take a cab (and pray the tires aren't bald on the wet roads), or hop the subway. We went with the last option today, but the big dilemma was how to keep Pooka warm in the front carrier. That's when we reached into the closet and grabbed our fuzzy new bunting and ear flap hat and headed out the door. So that got me to thinking about the options out there for gearing up baby. Trust me, there are plenty out there, but here are a few of our favorite buntings for outdoor wear.

For the beefiest, burliest, most extreme baby outerwear check out Polarn O. Pyret's snowsuits. The company is Swedish so we shouldn't be surprised they have created bomber baby-wear for getting out in the elements. Their Performance Snowsuit is wind-resistant, waterproof, lined in fleece and has elastic stirrups on the feet to keep babies pants from riding up above their boots. Don't spend that much time outside? Maybe the Double Zip Snowsuit is a better choice for you. Featuring many of the same details as the performance suit, like the wind-resistant and waterproof outer shell and foot stirrups, but just a bit less extreme. Finally, if your baby will spend most of the time under a rain shield in their stroller or car seat during inclement weather look to the Wind Fleece Bunting. The bunting has roll over cuffs and feet so no extra boots or mittens are required, and I love the striped lining. I wish I had seen this one before purchasing ours!

Next on the list for technical baby outerwear is Patagonia. Most of Pooka's warm winter things are from Patagonia (as are Mama and Dada's) and we can attest to its design and quality. I love the Patagonia Reversible Puff-Ball Bunting because it is lightweight but extremely warm. It's also wind-resistant and water repellent, but coolest of all is that it is made of recycled materials and can itself be recycled when no longer needed (but realistically it will be passed onto many other children before that day comes). If you have a little girl you can't go wrong with the lovely Birds and Vines print! Accessorize the snowsuit with the matching Baby Shelled Hat or Baby Two-Way Blanket. Don't need that much protection? Try the Infant Synchilla Bunting in solid or printed, which has legs that can be zipped together to form a bunting bag when baby doesn't have to be strapped into the car seat or stroller. We chose the solid bunting in unisex Green Oasis so it could be passed down to other babies, and paired it with the Baby Shelled Hat in Birds and Vines which has a coordinating green in the pattern and lets everyone know Pooka is a girl. There is also the Infant High-Plush Bunting which is fuzzier on the outside, but is not made from recycled materials. We have found that the sizing runs pretty large, so if your baby is 6 months the 6 months size will fit an average size baby for quite a while. Pooka is almost 6 months and is still wearing her 3 month Baby Synchilla Cardigan, but she can also wear her 6 month bunting (though she does swim in it a bit, and it's going to fit for a long time).

Not decadent enough for your little one? Splurge on the fantastic Bon Point Blizzard Pilot Jacket with removable fur hood (real???) and boots or the courdoroy Neige Pilot jacket. Bon Point also offers the mid-weight December Pilot Jacket with removable booties and mittens. By the way, there must be something lost in translation because the "jackets" are actaully snowsuits.

How about something a bit dressier and less outdoorsy? Check out the snowsuits by Jacadi. Jacadi has the beautiful ruffled pink Degas Snowsuit, the boyish brown Doux Snowsuit with an embroidered carousel horse. My favorite is the Damisela Snowsuit for girls in brown with embroidered berries. All feature attached feet and removable mittens, and they also carry more tradtional light pink and light blue snowsuits.

Looking for something more economical? Try the trusted quality of Lands' End with their Baby Down Bunting with a cute fur trimmed hood and fold over hands and feet. Or how about the styling on Mini Boden's cute printed Snowsuit with stars for boys or bright dots for girls. I love the removable booties!

With so many options it's hard to choose just one. It's just so darn cute when our dear ones little faces' peek out from under the puffy hoods. Restraint girls, restraint! To soothe your angst get a variety of hats and mittens to keep things interesting!

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