Friday, October 16, 2009

Luxe Life: Anya Hindmarch Oakley Diaper Bag

Picking your diaper bag can be as difficult as picking a pair of jeans. Is your style utilitarian or whimsical? Would you rather your diaper bag scream mommy or hide your status? Should your bag be inexpensive or luxurious? So many questions, and so many bags! Updated for Fall 2009, Anya Hindmarch's Oakley Bag is a good choice if you want a subtle and chic diaper bag. Made of black nylon with patent leather trim it's perfect for winter's inclement weather and for wiping off drool or spit up. It comes with a nifty changing mat, a removable "nappy" bag, and smartly labeled pockets with terms like "bibs," "bobs," "books," and "bottles." So while the bag doesn't broadcast "mommy," at closer look it shows that you're proud to tote your little ones goods. New for fall are an interior key ring, cell phone pocket and cute striped shoulder strap that can also be used to hang the bag from your stroller. These are huge improvements on the previous canvas version from last spring, but with a new price tag of $695 you are paying for those upgrades!


  1. oh no! I don't think in pay that price only for this article, is totally riculous, beside I have many and more important things in my mind to spend my money in this way, thanks for save my skin.

  2. I have a huge problem with diapers. They smell worse than cat poop. It is pretty impressive that a cute little baby can do something that smelly.